Hi-K Metal Gate (HKMG) with JVX7300HR


Jordan Valley offers a metrology solution using x-ray reflectometry (XRR) for monitoring the metal gate deposition process. The layers thicknesses of the HKMG stack are critical parameters for transistor performance and in-line monitoring is necessary. XRR is an attractive alternative to the more traditional optical metrology used to control HKMG processes. XRR provides both accurate and precise (GR&R capable) thickness measurement of single and multiple layers, whilst providing additional information on layer density and interface roughness. It is a first-principles technique, therefore does not require any calibration, and can be used to measure films that are both optically opaque and transparent. XRR does not require the creation of complicated optical models that are dependent on uncertain material properties, such as optical n & k parameters. This offers a distinct ease-of-use advantage especially when a process is not stable during development. The JVX7300HR tool provides fast and production worthy solutions for HKMG pattern wafer metrology.

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The FastXRR approach provides an unrivalled number of parameters in a single measurement (individual thickness, density, and roughness of each metal layer) and a beam footprint suitable for scribe-line measurements on product wafers. The JVX series of tools are production proven with demonstrated fleet matching capabilities.


XRR schematic New 2


XRR results of dynamic measurements with sub-Angstrom precision. Tri layer metal gate, scribe-line measurement


Tri-layer HKMG spectrastrucuture




49-site wafer thickness maps. Process variation is distinguished

Thickness map for HfSiON

49-site wafer density maps. Process variation is distinguished

density map for HfSiON2