General Thin Film XRD

X-ray diffraction has been utilised for nearly 100 years to characterize the structural properties of materials. The main focus of the Jordan Valley systems is in the characterization of the microstructure of thin films.

The D1 system is the ideal choice for all of these measurements. With the highest resolution goniometer commercially available on the market, wide Chi (tilt) and Phi (azimuthal rotation) ranges for residual stress and texture measurements, and the automated configuration of the system along with fully automated measurements, the D1 is perfect for all of your thin film XRD needs.

The fundamental principle is that of Bragg's law, where the position of the peak is related to the lattice spacing. However, using this simple principle gives the possibility to determine a number of key characteristics of the film, including

xrd params

  • Crystallinity
    • Peak intensities
  • Phase
    • Peak positions/intensities
  • Grain size/strain
    • Peak widths
  • Texture
    • Peak intensities
  • Residual stress
    • Peak positions