QC3 is a High Resolution XRD (HRXRD) system for epilayers (thin films). It is designed for high-throughput, mass production operation.QC3

  • Highest throughput in the market
  • Rich & flexible in features, yet user-friendly and easy to operate
  • Robot support (optional)
  • Targets production fabs of LED and Epilayers wafers
  • Supports multi-wafer configuration in a single sample-plate
  • High up time & reliability

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RADS Software (patented) is the leading simulation, analysis & fit software for HRXRD of epitaxial thin-film structures on single crystal substrates.

RADS Graph Screenshot

  • Enables accurate and fast XRD measurements' analysis
  • Process parameters are automatically calculated
  • Immediate process feedback to production
  • Process Monitoring results in process and yield improvements
  • The leading process monitoring & analysis software since 1991

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